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On the lobbying front, I think we've already been approached by at least one significant government unit. Just the beginning.

And on the 'are you hoping for a Lessig-like charater to pop out of the woodwork' question, I decided back in 2000 (when I had to trawl the UK and US law schools for an amicus brief for a WIPO case, which later moved to the Virginia courts) that (a) there were no Lessig-like characters in the UK and (b)the UK academic environment was unable to produce any Lessig-like figures. In fact, in 2000, the UK couldn't even produce a Michael Geist (Canada) figure, or even near. A phone trawl of UK law departments supposedly specialising in new media law ('so what is WIPO?') was horribly dispiriting. Which almost made me give up.

However, at the time, the US lawyers were so busy with MS etc major cases that even they didn't have time (and farmed things out to students in the relevant law schools).

Which made me think...
Louise Ferguson 在 16 天前。