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This is interesting, but falls under the heading of "Yet Another Media-Oriented Self-Promoting Quango".

What I'd like to see (and pay for) is a lobbying organisation. I can (and do) WriteToThem, but I can't go to other MPs, explain to them how I feel, etc... Thats where (I thought) you come in. I pay you to represent my views to the people who make laws in this country, not the Media!

So, two points that I'd like answered by Suw or Danny (I apologise if these are already answered on Suw's blog, but I couldn't find mention of it):
1) If your first two goals are media-oriented, how far down your "mother of all to-do lists" is lobbying?
2) Will you retain a lawyer and try to challenge existing laws, or are you hoping for a Lessig-like character to just pop out of the woodwork?
Matt 在 16 天前。