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Suw said "because it's a 20 page legal document that you can't even find copies of online (it's based on legislation from 1985, and nothing earlier than 1988 is online)" alongside "it's a question of getting the governance right. So when we're talking about 'experts', it's not issues experts we need, it's legal experts, it's corporate governance experts, it's fundraising experts, it's every kind of expert except the issues variety.".

But this is my point! I, for one, have set up a company from scratch before (and in my case re-typed the whole damn AofA and MofA in, tables and extras and all and more than one company) and I am sure others have too. People signing this pledge do, of course, take an active interest in the *issues* but also have a wide spread of other experience and skills rather than an issue-led tunnel vision about it all.

If you don't say something like "does anyone have a copy of the default Memorandum of Association from table A in an editable format" or "does anyone have xxx experience" then we can't be mind-readers. You can't either, of course, but I'm sure quite a few of us on that list alongside have experience of running non-profits but without knowing that is what you were looking for ...
Alison Wheeler 在 16 天前。