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I think there's definitely a place in the British rights landscape from a heavily-distributed, democratically elected grassroots-led organisation which consults closely with its membership on a very regular basis.

But this isn't it. This is a way of supporting someone to answer press calls and redirect them to them other rights organisations, run small campaigns, and assist volunteer networks start up and connect to others.

That's what you're paying a fiver for, and I'd hate to delude you that it would go on anything else.

Running a membership-driven group is a lot of work, requires a lot of time and volunteer effort to co-operate closely with the membership, and has a really different scope and direction (often a continuously changing scope and direction). I haven't the foggiest idea nor any experience on how to start, run or maintain it. I bet there are people out there who do.

If you're going to do that, *God* you would so be on the list of people ORG would be redirecting publicity towards. I'd pay a fiver to join an organisation like if I could afford it, and I would consider it cheap at twice the price.

But it's not this fiver, and it's not this pledge.
Danny O'Brien 在 16 天前。