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Thanks Suw, but whilst I - and I am sure most others - accept the principle that the meeting agreed someone needed to get this initiated the statements "whilst we do" raise concerns that it has already left the domain of those who founded the movement. "consulting with experts" suggests that those who are taking the decisions for the moment are not looking at the list to the left here (except, possibly, where they recognise the name) for the skills and capabilities already signed up, instead appearing to behave as a self-appointed cabal which will decide at some later date who will be given permission to get involved.

It is not enough to say that the UK is to have an "Open" Rights Group without that Openness being seen to be done, and whilst the present signatories may be willing to accept a certain level of 'being led by the few' to start with, with the visible presence of the group now hitting the media it is important that it isn't just the 'usual suspects' being involved but the wider movement being used for more than just their pocletbooks.
Alison Wheeler 在 16 天前。