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I get the feeling that maybe people are assuming we're further down the road than we really are. I have a post half-written, which I am too tired to finish now, that will provide more detail about what we've actually achieved and what remains to be done. I will post it hopefully tomorrow.

But please don't assume that it's all some sort of done deal and that there's no room for grassroots volunteers or for members to contribute. The truth is, we just haven't got to that stage yet.

Before we can say 'what do you guys think of xyz?' we have to have something to show you. Before we can start grassroots campaigns we need to have stuff in place to organise said campaigns. And before we can do any of that we need to have created the Open Rights Group legally.

It may seem like we're dragging our heels, and I'm sorry if you're frustrated by the time these things take, but firstly we want to get it right so we are consulting with experts and being thorough in our research, and secondly we all have full-time jobs.

If we want ORG to be a success, if we want it to last and to make a real difference, then we have to lay the foundations properly. Please be patient whilst we do.
Suw Charman 在 16 天前。