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I see that in NTK this week (, the name of this organisation has been announced as "The Open Rights Group", and the domain has been registered. I know it's really hard to come up with a name that makes sense, has an available domain name and isn't too similar to anything else (it's a shame the Campaign for Digital Rights has been taken for instance), but I can't help but think "open rights" is vague and confusing.

"Digital rights" means something, even to people who haven't really thought about the concept before - when you tell them you're campaigning for digital rights they have some idea of what you might be on about. Imagine you're a member of the press or just the person in the street, what would open rights mean to you? The group may well have interest in promoting openness in various ways, but open rights seems like a combination of words with a meaning only obvious to the insiders. Googling for "open rights", it doesn't look like this combination is used in the way intended by anyone at the moment. Is the only choice to create an organisation with a name that will need explaining every time you introduce it to someone?

I don't mean to come across as too critical, maybe I'm missing something?
Alex Bradbury 在 16 天前。