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That metarights pledge is so the right thing to do. (And now am tempted to do the metametarights pledge, in which I require you to clarify what form the charter should take).

In the meantime, Lee, I should say that you'll probably be disappointed in some capacity. I'm advocating for a very broad camp as far as issues we'll work for. I think you may have to grit your teeth when some of your less favourite issues turn up, and imagine that your money goes down a special pipe to directly fund the stuff you like.

OTOH, the model of working to support other organisations (and help set them up if they don't exist) should at least mean you can weight your donations and time in a more fine-grained way.

Did that make sense? I feel like I'm making this stuff up, one narrow-formatted post at a time.
Danny O'Brien 在 16 天前。