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Whilst I agree that, yes, things do need to be made clearer.. I just feel I have to remind people of one minor detail they seem to be forgetting when they are bitching about the lack of a proper manifesto or agenda...

It's only been a bloody week!

Sheesh, I haven't even got my OpenTech stuff out of my backpack yet, and you guys are expecting Danny, Suw etc to have created a website, drawn up a full scaled business proposal, have justified every single penny of every single donation!

Just bear in mind they were busy peeps *before* the EFF talk happened, they *do* have other commitments and... it's only been a week!! (well, 9 days.)

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest, I'm as impatient as the next guy but we've already come a long way in 9 days. Just keep in mind that people have to do 'real life' stuff too :)

Keep up the good work guys ;) We're all rooting for this to be a fundamental step in the right direction and I expect once we do have a proper website etc up, the donations will start rolling!

To that end, a lot of us will do what we can to help, just say the word!
Drachan 在 16 天前。