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While I think it is vital for there to be knowledgeable, articulate people getting the digital freedoms message across to the media/politicians/public, it does seem like a bit of a waste of cash to be paying for an office etc.

Why not use the money the pledges generate to pay for two 'digital liberties' experts to be on the staff of an organisation which already has the bricks and mortar, such as Liberty, Statewatch or to work alongside FIPR? These organisations don't have their current 'missions' set in stone, AFAIK, so I'm sure they'd be interested [I'm not a member of any of them, BTW, so no vested interest].

That way you could get your two campaigning people at £25k each plus have £10k for publicity materials and a contribution to the running costs of Liberty/Statewatch/whoever? It's hard enough raising money in the UK for campaigning on civil liberties/freedoms issues without spending on rent and brand creation when you don't necessarily need to.

Just a thought,

Andrew 在 16 天前。