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A great idea. I'm happy to support this. Seconded for Digital Freedoms over Digital Rights (sounds all USian. ; ) But I hope you put my money to good use - i.e. plough it into the most public and dramatic methods of making people understand what we're about, rather than blow it on working at the "powers that be." You'll never really beat the big money behind these schemes at their own game, but you can open up a new front where our money goes further and that "they" will have trouble fighting on.

One of the biggest publicity angles you'll get out of this, is the simple fact that it exists: A thousand common people from all areas of life pledging their money to defend the laws and rights they believe in? THAT's news if you play it right.

And don't forget to involve all of us (your supporters) in whatever you do. I'd guess that there is a wide range of skills and resources scattered amongst hundreds of people that you can draw on.

Good luck with this.
Tal. Nuin 在 16 天前。