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Maybe it might be a good idea to get a meeting together in london, maybe a room at a university or something to actually decide exactly where everyone wants to go with this idea. Could have an initial meeting to decide things like the name of the group, the initial ideas and campaigns we could get involved in. I suspect a lot of the initial energy would go into anti-ID card campaigns and opposing the errosion of our libertys though 'emergency' terror laws, or we could concentrate on other issues entirely. Waiting for christmas would be too late, probably would be best to do something like this while it's fresh in the mind and people are still excited about the prospect of setting up this group.

I think people are making too much out of the money side of things, in hindsight the pledge could just have been to join the group and come to meetings, after all people are more important than cash, but not gunna critisise danny and others too much as they're doing their best :)
Martin 在 16 天前。