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Hey Danny.

I'm not trying to throw a spanner in the works here (or provide too much stop energy, I'm glad someone's taken a step rather than navel gazing)...but people have been burnt before with request for money online. So could you give some ideas to those 'not in the loop' of:

Who would this money be employing? What would their mandate be? Who the other organisations are (edri, ukcdr, fipr, etc) and how this proposal differs from them? How are the people this money is going to going to be held accountable for where it's going and what things we the public are are going to get out of it (i.e. 'deliverables' in terms of diary of tasks undertaken [blog *cough* blog].)

(and yes, I've read the link above. It doesn't really cover those points sufficently)

Thanks again for your efforts.

Mark Fowler 在 16 天前。